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"" ISO Flash (Network App) 12/20/07 ""
     ISO Flash is a unique .Net application that exploits today’s Ethernet / Networking protocols and is capable of distributing high volumes of data simultaneously to multiple destinations.  Simply fire up the ISO Flash Server and load the corresponding Agent on target machines and through our custom GUI you can quickly broadcast files to the entire subnet.  Products like ISO Flash are geared for applications involving Image Distribution, OS Distribution, and mass CD/DVD replication (Perfect for Lan Parties).  ISO Flash also offers a variety of features including bandwidth throttling, storable directory structures, real-time progress display, and can index multiple servers.

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"" RaidDivision.Com Launches 12/18/07 ""
     VirtuWeb Interactive anxiously begins launching, a web front for utilities, network applications, libraries, and other in-house tools that have been in development for nearly 5 years. Our hope is that the greater community, everyone from professional developers to home users, will be able to use our products to facilitate their day-to-day workflows. Many of the applications we will be releasing in the next several months are currently being re-factored to meet commercial standards for distribution. Commercial grade products may be purchased directly through; however, many products will be made freely available with an option to donate and support our service.
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